Who dares YES? - Android Application -

Hold short questionnaires among your colleagues, friends or family members. Ask them anything you want. The app will only show how many people answered yes. Totally anonymous, fun guaranteed.

Among schoolfriends:

  • Q: Do you love anyone in this class?
  • Q: Are you dating at the moment?
  • Q: Did you ever kiss?
  • Q: Do you know A's Big Secret?

Among colleagues:

  • Q: Do you enjoy your current job?
  • Q: Are you thinking of changing jobs?
  • Q: Do you think you're the most competent person in the company?
  • Q: Do you love anyone in the company?

Among friends:

  • Q: Is there anyone here that you love?
  • Q: Do you think you'll get lucky tonight?
  • Q: Have you dated more than than 10 people?
  • Q: Did you ever wear girls underwear?
  • Q: …

Or even much naughtier questions. Your imagination is the limit.

How to play?

This game should be played with 3 or more people and up to maximum 100 people. First you enter your question. Then you pass your device around and everyone answers yes or no. Make sure no one sees what you answer! When everyone answered, you touch the result button. Then a nice animation will play and the app will display how many people have answered yes.

If you liked this app and found some great questions that everyone enjoyed, don't hesitate to write a short review and share your questions!

Based on the iPhone application "押したの誰だ!?"

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